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The simplest and most integrated online cattle record management program available.
Easy to setup with nothing to install and beautifully simple to use.

Capture and track everything

Capture data at birth and every subsequent event for the rest of the animals life: Calving records, Animal care, Reproduction, Genetics, Nutrition and Growth.

Data is always accessible and secure

Your information is accessible anytime and on any device. It is securely stored and only authorized users have access to it.

Get the information you need when you want it

Herdtrax provides the information and tools required to answer your questions and support your management decisions. It highlights animals that need attention and provides valuable benchmarks for in herd comparisons and assessments.

Keep control of your herd

Each year, Herdtrax provides a detailed profile and performance analysis on every animal. Over time you will see firsthand if your management decisions are working or not.

Collaborate with partners

Herdtrax makes it easy to share information and collaborate with integrated partners: Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Feeders, Packers, Retailers.

Discover how we can help

Whether you have a herd of 30 cows or 5000 cows, Herdtrax can help improve the overall quality and value of your beef herd. Call us today and find out more.

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Popular Features

Herdtrax is more than just software, we can provide customized solutions based on your ranching profile (purebred vs commercial vs feedlot) and your needs for day to day functionality (mobile vs desktop).











  • HERDTRAX 101

Herdtrax is built on individual animal data capture and one of the features that enables this to occur seamlessly is the ability to quickly search and find an animal by entering its Visual ID, RFID or Name into a global search box. This lookup feature is available on the home screen and inside all of the animal events.


Herdtrax is 100% web based so there is no need to download any software. There are ongoing transparent updates that occur almost every day and you will always have the most recent version of the program every time you login.


Herdtrax keeps a log of everything recorded over an animals entire life, even if that animal no longer resides in its original Herdtrax account.


Every Herdtrax record has a global unique ID (GUID) that can be inserted into other data systems (iFHMS, BIXS, CCIA, CFIA) allowing public access to the animals entire Herdtrax history.

Records are Transferable


Once external data has been retrieved and put into a CSV or Excel file, we have a unique mapping process that allows for the quick and easy import of data from external sources. New herd startups, individual carcass data, scale head weights and sire parentage through genomics are all examples of data that is captured externally and seamlessly mapped into Herdtrax.

Import External Data


Manage all of your CCIA requirements from inside Herdtrax:
- Age verification
- Move in
- Move out
- Tag retirement


If you raise purebred Angus cattle, Herdtrax will create export files for calf registration, weaning and yearling performance that can be submitted directly to the Canadian Angus Association.


In conjunction with your herd veterinarian, customized herd health and individual treatment protocols can be setup and assigned to specific processing events and diagnosis codes. These protocols can be configured to trigger detailed instructions for the moment or can be made to send a notification with directions on a date in the future.

Health Managment


One of the biggest advantages of the Herdtrax program is being an online database with access anytime on any device. This is also a disadvantage as not all areas have adequate phone or internet coverage. Herdtrax can be switched to an offline mode where the program will look and function the same as if you were connected live with the difference being the information collected is now stored on your device. As soon as a web connection becomes available, a synchronization link will become visible to facilitate the upload and synchronization of the offline data to the online server.

Offline Capabilities


All records are easily and completely transferable between Herdtrax accounts. No need to create a new record for purchased heifers or bulls, just have them transferred along with their entire record history into your account.

Herdtrax 101 is a series of "how to" video tutorials aimed at teaching producers how to use the basic features within the program through short video clips.

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